Tactical Ninjutsu – Elite Program 

  • Reserved for advanced tenured students only.
  • Designed and developed for the purposes of practical, modern real-world application
  • Not intended for sport or the preservation of a historical art
  • Delivered in a logically organized, easy to learn teaching format
  • Focused on using reflexive movements and adaptive, natural flow
  • Designed to give you usable, effective skills, quickly

Tactical Ninjutsu is a comprehensive and practical self-defense system developed by Clint Bodungen meant for the modern world.  It is not a “new martial art” or “style.” It is an Umbrella name that incorporates Southeast Asian and Pacific Archipelago Island arts, Jujutsu, Ninjutsu, Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do (JKD) and W. Hock Hockheim – Force Necessary Close Quarter Combat (CQC) programs including Unarmed, Knife, Stick and Gun.

Ultimately, Tactical Ninjutsu is just a more modern way of efficiently teaching a comprehensive array of age-old proven self-defense concepts.  It is the science and physics behind the arts. Traditionally, these concepts have generally taken significant time to learn due to the way they have been taught.  However, backed by modern science and experience, we have developed an effective way to teach them in a fraction of the time, and without being limited by any specific style or set range of techniques. Our methods emphasize effectiveness over style, practical mechanics, adaptation, and economy of movement. They are easy to retain and recall, even under stress, and, in most cases, do not require the student to press beyond their current physical capabilities.

We do not claim to teach “Koryu”, or authentic, historical Ninjutsu just as it may have been taught to the actual Ninja in ancient Japan, and we are not trying to “preserve” or hold true to the tradition of such arts. You won’t find any “mystical secrets”, we don’t run around in Ninja costumes, and we DO HAVE “all out”, full contact training. Although the concepts, strategies, and techniques of Togakure Ryu Ninjutsu are a major influence to many of the concepts of this system, it is the underlying meaning of Ninjutsu and Ninpo, more than anything else, as to why we chose the name. The idea and philosophy that is “Ninjutsu, or Ninpo” embody the spirit of self-preservation. Simply put, the word “Ninjutsu” in itself relates to perseverance and self-protection.