Tuition – Quick Self Defense

Unlike other martial art training facilities, we do not require students to sign a contract for training.  We do not place monthly limits on student class attendance for any of the programs offered as opposed to other martial art training centers.  Come try out Chinatown Jeet Kune Do (JKD), Force Necessary (CQC), Force Necessary Tactical Ninjutsu and bring the kids in for our new Youth Program, Kempo Karate-Jujitsu! Ages 7 and up!

Kempo Karate-Jujitsu Youth Program

Youth Monthly tuition – $129 per month

Includes unlimited monthly youth classes in Kempo Karate-Jujitsu.

Youth Belt Tests – $49 per test

Black Belt tests are assessed at a different rate.

Quick Self Defense Adult Program

Adult Monthly Tuition – $129 per month.

Includes unlimited monthly adults classes in Force Necessary and Jeet Kune Do (JKD). 

Adult Belt Test & Level Rank – $75.00 per level

Rank in W. Hock Hochheim’s Force Necessary program is offered for Levels 1 through 9.  Level 10 Black Belt tests and black belt ranks are assessed at a different rate.

NOTE:  No minors under the age of 16 may attend adult classes!  Minors 16 to 17 must train along with a parent or legal guardian when taking our adult self defense classes.

Self Defense Seminars

Self Defense Seminars are available for corporate events, small companies, or community groups.  Please contact us at (713) 820-1117 for information on group rates or pricing.  You may also e-mail us directly at