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W. Hock Hochheim’s – Kempo Karate-Jujitsu

This is a fighting system of striking, kicking and grappling. It is the martial arts expression of W. Hock Hochheim’s Force Necessary: Hand! course, for those people wishing to pursue the learning process through more of a classical or traditional martial arts fashion. It utilizes the terms “Kempo Karate” and “Jujitsu” in its most generic, modern and evolved terms. Hochheim has earned an 8th degree Black Belt in Bushido Kempo from Grandmaster RJ Oak and a 3rd degree Black belt in Aikijitsu from Grandmaster Dr. Carl Farenelli, as well has studying in various forms of karate and jujitsu since the 1970s. He was recognized as tenth Dan system founder by the World Global Alliance, a council of grandmasters in 1998.

Kempo is a Japanese unarmed fighting art of striking and kicking that was brought from China to Japan about 700 years ago. The word means literally, “Fist Law.” Kempo today is a mixture of five cultures and martial influences, Chinese; Japanese, Okinawan, Hawaiian and American.

Jujitsu is a Japanese martial art and a method of close fighting for defeating an unarmed, armed and armored opponent. It also utilizes strikes and kicks, as well as grappling methods such as joint locks, restraining methods, trips and throws, and follow-up ground captures or finishes.

Youth class times can be viewed on our Youth Class Schedule.

Unlike other martial art training facilities, we do not require parents of students to sign a contract for training. The Youth program Kempo Karate-Jujitsu monthly tuition is based on which plan you choose with month to month no contract being one of the options.

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