About Us

Quick Self Defense utilizes a training system for men and women that is designed for practical modern real-world application.  Unlike other martial arts, our system is an umbrella name that incorporates, Force Necessary, Chinatown Jeet Kune Do (JKD) , and Tactical Ninjutsu (Elite Program for advance tenured students only).  Curriculum includes proper striking and skicking, unarmed defense, take downs, ground grappling defense, mixed weapon defense and weapon counters including knife, stick and gun.  Our weapon defense sets us apart from all other martial art training facilities offering a full range of weapons skills including Hand, Knife, Stick and Gun defense/offense.  Force Necessary and Chinatown Jeet Kune Do (JKD) both incorporate teaching that use proven self defense concepts taught in a way that allows beginners to build muscle memory and learn skills faster than any other method.  In addition, our program focuses on enhancing your flexibility, agility, coordination and natural body strength.

Force Necessary Tactical Ninjutsu
Force Necessary

Quick Self Defense utilizes a mixed martial art system which integrates beginner students and advanced students helping to accelerate training for beginner students while reinforcing applied knowledge for advance students.  Students may attend as many Quick Self Defense classes as they choose each month!  We do not place monthly limits on student class attendance as opposed to other martial arts training centers in Houston or Katy.

“Force Necessary” was originally developed and started in 1996 by Hock Hochheim.  Hock’s full bio can be read at ForceNecessary.com.  All instructors at Quick Self Defense are representatives of Force Necessary under the instruction of Kevin Quick and Aaron Shbeeb.