Force Necessary (CQC) | Jeet Kune Do | Self Defense

(Kids) Kempo Karate-Jujitsu

Quick Self Defense in Houston, Texas utilizes a mixed martial art program to teach proven mechanics and techniques from Force Necessary (CQC), Authentic Chinatown Jeet Kune Do (JKD), Pacific Archipelago Combat and Close Quarters Combat (CQC).

Curriculum includes proper striking and kicking, unarmed defense, take downs, ground grappling defense, mixed weapon defense and weapon counters including knife, stick and gun.  Techniques and drills are structured in a way that allow rapid learning and adaptability which helps refinement over time.  Whether you are looking for self defense or real martial arts training, choose Quick Self Defense.

 “Knowledge is not enough, we must Apply.”

Through skill development and repetition you will learn vital skills necessary to protect the ones you love.  No matter what size, strength, or fitness level, the Chinatown Jeet Kune Do (JKD), Force Necessary Tactical Ninjutsu and self defense program adapt to provide the tools needed to survive and win in this mixed weapons world.  The combination of mixed martial arts in the Force Necessary program will give you the confidence to defend yourself, win an encounter, and protect your family.  Our instructors are well trained, certified and have a combined experience of over 50 years of mixed marital arts in unarmed, knife, stick and gun.

“Willing is not enough, we must Do!”

Stop by our convenient location near Clay Rd and Highway 6 in Houston.  (16618 Clay Rd Ste 190 Houston, TX 77084 )  Adult classes are open to men and women of all ages over the age of 16.  Please note Minors 16 and 17 must train with consent of a parent or legal guardian when taking our Adult Self Defense classes.  Be sure you ask about our ongoing training specials and current rates!

Call us at (713) 820-1117 or fill out the online contact form.