July 24, 2021

Force Necessary Unarmed Course

Learn to strike, kick & subdue your attacker!  Force Necessary Unarmed is a 10 level course teaching proper strikes, kicks, takedowns, locks, breaks, ground grappling, weapons & more!

Force Necessary Knife Course

Learn to fight with a knife, disarm a knife and defend with a knife! Force Necessary Knife is a 10 level course in addition to our Force Necessary Unarmed Program.  Knife sparring offered on select Fridays of the month!

Chinatown Jeet Kune Do (JKD)

Jeet Kune Do Stirke

Every Wednesday evening our Official Chinatown JKD class trains Authentic Structured Jeet Kune Do (JKD).  Study the technical aspects of JKD Striking and Kicking that made Bruce Lee famous!

Kids Kempo Karate Program

Kids Karate Houston

Our Kids Kempo Karate Program teaches discipline, striking, kicking, grappling and exercise.  Your kid will burn off the days energy!  Ages 5 and up.

Here’s why you should join quick self defense and start training this week!

If your goal is to learn self defense or lose weight or learn to fight or learn a disciplined art, then Quick Self Defense has you covered!

Through skill development, drills and repetition you will learn vital skills necessary to protect yourself and others. No matter your size, strength, skill level or fitness level, Quick Self Defense adapts to you and will provide you with the tools needed to defend yourself and survive an attack or unfortunate encounter. The unique combination of close quarter combat and martial arts prepares you for today’s mixed weapons world!


Quick Self Defense utilizes a mixed martial arts style program to teach proven mechanics and techniques of Force Necessary- Hand, Stick, Knife and Gun (CQC), Kempo Karate-Jujitsu and Chinatown Jeet Kune Do (JKD).

Call now to start your training in Lumberton, TX 77657.  Adult classes are open to men and women over the age of 16.  Please note – minors 16 and 17 must train with consent of a parent or legal guardian when taking our Adult Self Defense classes.

Call us at (409) 209-2231 or fill out the online contact form.

Train Gun Defense Techniques

Our Force Necessary System utilizes mixed weapon environments to teach defense against gun attacks, stick attacks & knife attacks. Learn the skill & confidence to protect yourself!

Training Specials Available!

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To learn more about our Martial Art Programs including Force Necessary Unarmed, Chinatown Jeet Kune Do (JKD) and Kids Kempo Karate-Jutjitsu, please contact us at the number below or fill out the Contact Form online or

Call or Text us at (409) 209-2231.

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